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Preparing for Connecticon!


Yeah, so a combination of eating nothing but sugary junk-food, getting a combined total of 8 hours of sleep for the weekend, and motion sickness from the plane home left me feeling not so good yesterday x.x

However, here’s the Con comic! I used a ruler for this one, YAY! Also, I made an attempt to be legible! Double yay! Basically, full con report (with photos!) tomorrow, as well as a new REAL comic! So that means you’ll get a comic for tomorrow AND wednesday AND Friday, as I really wanna get back to my MWF schedule.

Also, next cons I’ll be headed too are the San Diego Comic Con and Otakon. Seeya there!



Just got back from Connecticon. Wrote the script for the Con report comic on the plane, but right now I’m feeling really sick and utterly exhausted, so Con Report Comic for tomorrow, and a real comic on Tuesday. Wednesday’s comic’ll be like normal, and then the schedule’ll return to the normal M-W-F.

By the way, Lourdes is dressed up as Alice from Applegeeks in case you didn’t catch that =3



Sorry for the filler today–just realized I had way more stuff to do than I thought I did for the con. Hope to see everyone there!!!

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