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Fernando shot first

Comic to be posted tomorrow

Hey guys! So we kinda had our modem break on Saturday, and we only got the new one hooked up and installed….now. Unfortunately, since the page for today required a bunch of various gun sequences, I couldn’t really work on it without the various referances I use, so I didn’t manage to get a lot of work done on it. But yeah, hopefully I’ll have it up for everyone tomorrow. Sorry ><


I knew I said the fight was gonna start already".

"..but I love writing for these guys sooooo much, just because there's so much rage in there. Especially since it occurred to me that it'd be hilarious if he came outta nowhere with a kinda British/Cockney accent. It makes me happy.

Other things"Game of Thrones as an SNES-style RPG (CAUTION: SPOILERS)

And while not quiiiite as awesome, Jersey Shore as a SNES RPG. Laundry!!

Sparrow out!

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