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AWA 2012 report!

AWA 2012!

So firstly, thanks to all who came out–both long time fans and brand new ones!–to support us!

The convention started kinda badly because our booth was swapped with another vendor’s crappy booth spot so about a quarter of brion’s table was covered up by this big pillar. The pillar was also so big that we couldn’t really see anyone approaching from that direction (which means they couldn’t see us), so it kinda sucked for being able to get noticed and sell things. This all would’ve been fine, only, the vendor who swapped his bad spot for our good spot (as he showed up earlier than us and complained), came over to our booth to basically brag about how he complained and got a better spot. And yes, he did actually say “I just wanted to see the suckers who got stuck with this spot. Sucks to be you guys.” Scumbag vendors -_-;

The Italian sandwhich thing was really funny at the time too, just because brion had written “Italian sandwhich with Italian bread” on his order. Poor Veronica had apparently never heard of an Italian sandwhich, and didn’t want to hold up the line to call Brion to ask why he wrote “Italian” twice on his order sheet, so he ended up with basically a cheese and various-veggie sandwhich. Though according to him, since subway’s really light on the cheese, it was mostly a veggie sandwhich. He…was….not pleased. But I made sure to laugh at him for Veronica, so it all worked out ok.

We did get a nice grouping of snacks from readers, which was pretty awesome! One funny thing though was a helpful fan was nice enough to get us take-out menus from the local restaurants in case we wanted to order something not-subway for pickup. In the pile of paper menus was a legit menu from the Cheesecake Factory, which, for those who haven’t been to the CF their menu’s are laminated and spiral bound so they look pretty nice. He said they just randomly gave it to him since they didn’t have a take away menu, so now we have this nice, laminated menu that I don’t really know what to do with XD

Our hotel was the Renaissance Inn, which is basically a residential hotel. We like staying at these hotels because they’re usually pretty reasonably priced, you can cram a lot of people in there, and they’re equipped with full kitchens so you can take home leftovers and reheat ‘em or buy food to cook. At this one, we were on the fold-out couch bed, which was prooobably the worst bed I’ve ever slept on. Whatever padding a spring mattress has to make the springs not feel like metal springs had worn away, so once you got into a comfy position you’d start to feel the metal grinding against your joints. The bed was also at a weird, upward incline, so I was always afraid that if I rolled over the wrong way the bend would collapse back into itself. On Friday night we tried switching sides so that we slept with our pillows at the food of the bed which did make a difference as it wasn’t quite as pointy-stabby on the bottom…though at the foot of the bed the angle was more noticeable when one or the other of us would roll over, it would completely shake the whole bed in a rather alarming way. Essentially, until Saturday night when I slept on the floor, I had gotten basically 5 hours of sleep for 2 days. Got to really catch up on my reading though! And I played a bunch of Ghost Trick!

Overall though, we had a pretty good time though I was slightly disappointed that there weren’t more southern accents. I didn’t get called “honey-child” once! But someone did say since the convention center was more in Atlanta’s metro area instead of Atlanta-proper that you don’t get as heavy an accent. There were some though! We’ll also be back next year, so we’ll see ya’ll again! ^^

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